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Theatergroep Max. and Moniek Merkx
Theatergroep Max. is a theatrical company that makes accessible and adventurous theatre, with a strong focus on educating. With the maximum possible assortment of theatrical means and an open, provocative atmosphere, Max. creates grown-up theatre for everyone who feels young.
Together with eight other companies, Max. forms the theatrical infrastructure for youth in the Netherlands. Max. regularly performs throughout Holland and Belgium, focusing on Rotterdam and the South of Holland and has been invited by several international theatres and festivals throughout Europe and the USA.
Moniek Merkx is Max.’s artistic director since January 2003. Merkx has a distinctive, physical and personal style of writing and directing. This unique style, combined with disciplines like video, music, illustration, dance, martial arts and even architecture, is what makes Max.. Merkx made her international debut by writing and directing Once Upon a Forest, performed by the Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis. Together with this company she won a Tony Award. In Holland she won the VSCD mime award and several youth theatre awards.

Max. productions by Moniek Merkx are House of Dreams*, Blue or something on the Wall***, LOVE*, Gold****, The Horrible Stepmother Show, Falling Girls*****, Paradiso City of the Future, Lear's Daughters, Once upon a Dragon***, Blood Relatives, Peter Pan Was Here, Reigen, HELP*, Nobody's boyTwinkle Twinkle Little Star, Night, Steel* and Moon Virus.

* English / **German/*** English and German / **** French / ***** English and Russian

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The House of Dreams (by Moniek Merkx) has been selected for the Amsterdam - Antwerp Theatre Festival 2003 (best performances of season 2002-2003). The jury wrote: "The actors' intelligent play combined with theatrical and technical trickery, awaken the viewers experience. Powerful location theatre from Max.."

With Performance in which Hopefully Nothing Happens (by guest directorJetse Batelaan) Max. won the 'Golden Cricket 2005', the prize for best youth performance in the Netherlands. The jury: "When you open with an empty stage, you're either insane or a genius. At theatergroep Max. both is allowed, they don't mind about conventions, they've got guts".

With Lear's Daughters (direction Moniek Merkx) Max. won a 'Silver Cricket 2006'. The jury: "With this rewritten classical play theatergroep Max. proves that it can put down strong stories in a way that appeals to children, but also grown-ups, from this era".

With The Wagging Finger (direction Jetse Batelaan) Max. won a ‘Silver Cricket 2008’. The jury: “Director Jetse Batelaan and actors succeeded in re-evaluating the moral values debate in a wayward way: refreshingly absurd, rebellious, provocative and highly intelligent."

Moniek Merkx and Jetse Batelaan both won the VSCD Mimeprijs and several other theatre awards.

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